Feb 9, 2009

Control Your Mouse Buttons!

Have you tried playing with the settings under File > Preferences > Bind Actions to Mouse Buttons?

In this widget you can control which button does what.  Take Control!

Emphasis On the Utility of Using the Delete Key

Really, this is so handy. Programs, oddly enough, didn't use to have this functionality. You want a program to work how you expect, and this is one feature that delivers. If you want to delete some selection, select it, and the hit the delete key. Easy. it just works. I am trying to figure out a use for the arrow keys. They are good keys! They currently languish upon the keyboard unused. Maybe you all have some good ideas for some so-called 'hot-keys' that can be incorporated into PMV. I sit right next to a bunch of the PMV programmers, and they are able and willing, we just have to give them good Ideas.


Want labels? There are many labeling schemes you can produce in PMV. So many, that, you really have to just sit down and play with it for a while to see all the possibilities. Here I will show you how to label residues by their name.

1. Make a Selection. Make sure you have the right picking level. If your picking level is set to atoms, then atoms will be labeled, but we want residues labeled so I have changed the picking level to residue.
This can also be done under Selection --> Set Selection Level.

2. Go to Display --> Label --> by Property.

3. Make any adjustments like what color you want or the font using the Label Settings tab and hit okay. 

You should be golden now:

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