Apr 17, 2009

ADT/MGLTools freezes on my Intel Video Graphics Card!


Intel launched those cards prematurely. They weren't ready for Vista's
high-end graphics uses. You should try downloading the latest driver
from Intel.

Also, try downloading MGL 1.5.4. This is the most up-to-date. It's
your best bet even though it's beta.

Unfortunately, this may not work. You may need to buy a better
graphics card. nVidia and ATI are the best.

Another last-ditch attempt is to install linux and use the linux
version of MGL tools.

It's a challenge developing software that is completely free. Free
libraries can be out of date with hard ware, and hardware drivers can
sometimes ignore old(free) libraries. MGLTools will move to python 2.6
that should fix many of these problems, but the implementation will
take a couple months.


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