Oct 12, 2009

Get a physical Model! Molecules in your Hand! Easier than PMV!!!

All you need is a PDB and an idea and we'll build an actual three-dimensional physical structure you can hold in your hand and pass from person to person. Actually we can use almost any file format to create your molecular model. Also, you may build your own model in PMV or pymol and send the session file our way.

The cost of these models is determined by the volume of the model, the amount of Superglue used to hold it together, and the time it took to make. That is, $5/cubic inch, $10/ounce of superglue, and $25/ hour.

Contact Jon Huntoon by phone (858) 784-2751 or by email huntoon@scripps.edu. Everything we make is custom. A normal model will take somewhere between 1 and 10 hours of modeling time, 1 to 50 cubic inches of material and 0.5 to 5 ounces of superglue, putting the price range at $50 to $500 most of the time.

Please note there will be a 89.5% overhead fee for all models made for researchers outside of The Scripps Research Institute.


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