Aug 23, 2010

Kill the shine.

Do you ever get annoyed by how shiny molecules are? Every picture of a molecule I see shows a shiny shiny molecule, like it was made of alien-space-age-nasa-plastic. Here I show you how to kill that shine, making a dull earthlier look.

Easy to do: decrease specularity value to 0.08.

1. Open Deja vu. Select the 'Light' tab. Select 'Light Colors' box.

2. Set the drop down menu to "light 1- specular"

3. Adjust the Value from 80 (default) to 10 or below.

There's a lot of cool effects to be achieved by adjusting the values and colors of the various lights in the 'Light Colors' menu. Poke around to get a unique look.

Bonus: when you have a look you want to save, Bookmark it! In Deja vu, select 'Bookmarks' tab and click 'Save Representation'.


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